Geopals Booster Packs are HERE!

Here's a video that explains the Geopals Concept:

Geopals Team have been developing Geopals for three years now, and it's finally time to reveal the first ever Geopals TCG Booster Packs!

The cards were illustrated by some incredibly passionate and talented artists; we haven't cut any corners and we have poured our hearts into these characters!

In each pack, you will find 6 cards including:

- One holo rare card
- One region card
- Four non-holo common and uncommon cards

There are four tiers or rarity across the holo cards which is as follows:

Tier 1 - Regular Holo (4 cards, 10% chance of pulling each)


Tier 2 - Full Art Holo - (2 cards, 10% chance of pulling each)


Tier 3 - Exotic Rare Holo (2 cards, 8% chance of pulling each)

These are our exotic rares, Reptail is a different colour to its regular variant and Jurra is Inji's evolution and is unique as parts of its body protrude outside of the illustration box!


Tier 4 - Secret Rare & Discord Rare (11 cards, 1.5% chance of pulling each)

These two are the secret rare cards, the chase cards of the sample set! both cards are hot stamped and numbered from 1/15 - 15/15 - we only made 15 copies of both of these cards across all the packs produced!


The Discord Rare cards are VERY special because they were designed by the FIRST members of our Discord to reach Level 50 - the cards have an L50 stamp on the bottom right hand corner of the illustration box. These are not "official" Geopal Characters but they ARE official Geopal Cards and will go down in history - we only made 2 copies of each card across all the packs produced so good luck!


If you pull a secret rare card, you will seriously own a part of Geopals history - as the creator I don't even own these cards.

There are a further ~15 non-holo cards that I'll keep a secret for now, you'll have to open packs to find out what they look like! You can purchase the Geopals TCG Sample Set Booster Pack now!

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